Isaac MArion: Warm bodies

Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies, #1)Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Let me tell you what I didn’t like:

– Julie…I don’t think she is particularly well-written. Why did she not try to punch R’s head in the minute she got a chance? As soon as she was in the plane, she should have shown some fight. Com’on. One zombie. That should be doable, especially since he wouldn’t have expected it.

– I know, it’s a random detail but…zombies ate your boyfriend. And you apply lipgloss before going out to find food with another zombie? because lipgloss lasts for about 10 minutes but since R tasted it on the bottle, it must be really fresh and I can’t think of any woman who’d do that.

– he lost me at one of the guards asking the other guard Are you a pussy? to tell him off for being weak. That is when I wanted to shut the book and stop reading because this explains to me, why Julie is not a strong female character (she can cry and be depressed and cut herself, these aren’t signs of weakness, but she’s just…not very well rounded if you ask me). Any (male) author who takes something female to illustrate weakness does not get any second chance. You should reflect more on the words you use.

– com’on, hit me over the head with the Romeo & Juliet rip-offs, because I didn’t get it. I mean, anyone who didn’t get it from the names, the balcony, Nora (=nurse) must have got it at the ‘opposites attract’ thingy or at the direct quote (What’s in a name). Please, don’t. Because the play IS NOT A FUCKING LOVE-STORY! And neither is this story. Friendship: maybe. Tolerance: maybe. But love…hell no. Human-eating person who killed other person’s boyfriend and then abducts her (to keep her save, hah)… there’s a name for that: Stockholm Syndrome.

So…I can believe in the zombie apocalypse. I can believe in the setting, the way civilization behaves etc. I can even believe in R’s (re-)actions. But since I cannot believe in anything Julie (or Nora) does, the story lose plausibility. I can believe a lot of things, but not the way she acts or reacts.

And therefore it made barely two stars (I should stay away from books that are turned into movies. I usually tend to be unimpressed by them). (And because of sexism)

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