Umberto Eco: The name of the rose

The Name of the RoseThe Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I get how this is the linguistic novel. It’s all there. From signs to icons to connotations and denotations, communication etc. And I get how the endless goings on about heresy and the various ways to interpret literature (which is made up of words and goes back to linguistics) aka the Bible and those other books in the library are all part of how it is about linguistics. But…God it was boring. I liked the parts of the murder investigations, but it wasn’t really all about that, was it?

The only other interpretations I draw from it, one that has nothing to do with linguistics as a science, is, how fucked up religion can be. How its various branches are based on the backs of people who get hurt because (back to semantics) people connotate and denotate (what are the correct English words?) signs differently.

So, I ended up skipping over the various arguments the characters had about what is the right kind of believe, found out who did it (I sort of came to the conclusion by myself for once) and then skipped through the rest.

Nah. I liked the movie better. Not even the aspects of sexuality could interest me.

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